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Tis the Season to be Merry

Mon 18 Dec 2017

This Christmas marks 35 year since I started working in the Financial Services sector. In that time the material world has changed greatly but people’s hopes, needs and wants haven’t….

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10 Questions with…Roydon Weekes

Thu 14 Dec 2017

Kings has been one of our longest running recommenders, and was one of the first to become branded. They are without doubt one of the most dynamic firms we deal…

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Dashing through the snow…

Tue 12 Dec 2017

After the snow bursts that most of us have seen over the weekend, I’m starting to get into the festive mood. I’ve seen many Christmas’ come and go throughout my…

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300,000 – Is this really enough?

Wed 29 Nov 2017

Last week the Government, during the Autumn Budget, renewed its promise to build 300,000 homes a year to meet the growing demand for housing. And while this sounds like pretty…

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Let’s make moving more enjoyable

Wed 8 Nov 2017

In my pursuit of fulfilling my career aspirations, I have moved 8 times in the past 19 years. Like many people up and down the country, moving for work (or…

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