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Mon 12 Jun 2017

I bet I’m not the only one to do this, especially when a thought jumps into your head. You grab your phone and start looking up things on a whim….

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I promise

Thu 8 Jun 2017

Being so close to the election, I’ve been thinking a lot about the promises made in party manifestos. No matter who wins the election on 8th June, the Prime Minister and their cabinet will be held accountable and judged against the promises they make. Out of their promises come expectations and the satisfaction of the public depends on the whether those promises are kept. […]

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Tue 6 Jun 2017

Too often it is easier to see the negative in a situation so we can create a defence against it. Sometimes this approach is useful, making us find new ways of working and pushing our limits further. However a negative stimulus is only good for so long, depressing morale and creating division. The human mind reacts […]

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I don’t regret the Bond days

Thu 1 Jun 2017

“Of course I do not regret the Bond days, I regret that sadly heroes in general are depicted with guns in their hands, and to tell the truth I have always hated guns and what they represent.” – Roger Moore. When Sir Roger Moore died last month, so did one of the Country’s greatest gentleman and humanitarians. […]

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Conveyancing – kənˈveɪ.ən.sɪŋ

Thu 25 May 2017

Conveyancing  /kənˈveɪ.ən.sɪŋ/  noun.  Turning home moving dreams into a reality. See also: innovative technology, legal expertise, exceptional customer care. There are certain moments that define you; a memory, an event, a place. 5 years ago I stepped into a building and into an environment I knew little about. This building was full of people that […]

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Wed 5 Apr 2017

Arrogance: this has to be the trait I hate more than any other. It is used by people and businesses (usually men and those run by men – sorry but…

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Wed 5 Apr 2017

Those of you who know me well will know I love going to music festivals. Glastonbury is my favourite and I’ve been going every year since 1991. What I love…

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What if…

Fri 31 Mar 2017

Have you ever seen the film Sliding Doors? Strangely for an action film fan, it’s one of those films that has stuck with me. The ‘what if’ question is one…

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