Month: March 2018

It’s the customer, stupid

Thu 29 Mar 2018

You can’t hold back progress and ultimately you can’t change human nature, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that you can when you listen to some of the recent debate…

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10 Questions with Daniel May

Mon 26 Mar 2018

Dan could have been born an estate agent. Having worked in both the corporate and independent sectors, he knows how the business of agency ticks and his knowledge of the…

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10 Questions with Mario Pitzioris

Mon 19 Mar 2018

Mario Pitzioris is my Deputy. We have worked together for over 15 years and he has more knowledge of our systems than just about anyone else in the company. He…

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Onwards and upwards

Wed 14 Mar 2018

Those of you that know me will be aware that throughout my career I’ve wanted to change the home moving process. From getting more information upfront through the Sales Memorandum,…

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Just be honest, honest

Tue 13 Mar 2018

There are very few subjects that can completely grip us as a nation. Arguably, there are three Great British conversation starters; the weather, how to make a perfect cup of…

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Apprenticeship Week: Be Inspired

Fri 9 Mar 2018

This week, you’ve heard a lot from our apprentices and, as their trainer, I’m extremely proud of what they have achieved so far. As a rule, most companies offer some…

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Apprenticeship Week: Women in Law

Thu 8 Mar 2018

It seems rather fitting for us here that Apprenticeship Week should coincide with International Women’s Day. As a conveyancing provider, we straddle the worlds of law and property, which some…

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This too, shall pass

Fri 2 Mar 2018

After weeks of warnings and days of shocked exchanges between friends, family and colleagues, ‘The Beast from the East’ is now well and truly upon us. As we all prepare…

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